I Am Mountain

I Am Mountain – About The Song

Disclaimer: I've decided to do a little blogging about some of the songs from our new album "I am Mountain." I wasn't going to do this originally, because, first of all, I think trying to explain poetry with prose can often be a counterproductive endeavor. It's sort of like trying to explain why a joke is funny. The process can actually make it not funny. So, here's my disclaimer about this… If the poetry on "I am Mountain" is already speaking to you, let it speak. In fact, you may not eve...

I Am Mountain – Lyrics

Track List: I am Mountain Beat of Her Heart Long Way Off Wandering Let it Go Wayward and Torn God and Country Hither and Yon Yesternite The Best Part Finally Upside Down I AM MOUNTAIN (Michael Gungor / Lisa Gungor) I am mountain, I am dust Constellations made of us There’s glory in the dirt A universe within the sand Eternity within a man We are ocean, we are mist Brilliant fools who wound and kiss There’s beauty in the dirt Wandering in skin and soul Searching...

I Am Mountain – Official Music Video

Finally – Teaser

The Beat Of Her Heart – Teaser

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